What material have you chosen for your Hampton sofa?

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I’ve found a lounge which has 10yrs structal and lifetime foam warranty.

It’s called Levi.


There is 1 problem Harvey's Norman sell it but only Mount Gambier has it on its floor.

Which is 444ks from my house 1 way.

We got offered to put 30% down and once made we can then look at it if we don't like it we can get our deposit back this will take upto 25 weeks.

I also have to pick Warwick material.

So what material have you chosen for your Hampton sofa and a bonus point for a picture and a big bonus if you have the Levi sofas.

Thank you

Big decision

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To me that’s a long time for a what if especially then having to find another and then it be made etc.

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Could you maybe fly out there to take a look? Would be much quicker.

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Do you know anyone in the area who could go in try it and see what it’s like to sit on etc.
Someone who could give you an honest opinion.

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