If it was thunder and lightening would you have a bath or shower as usual or even wash your hands under the tap?

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So I’m sat here having a debate with my husband and he thinks I’m being weird.

If it was thunder and lightening would you have a bath or shower as usual or even wash your hands under the tap?

It’s something I’ve never ever done if we’ve a storm but he wouldn’t think twice about it..

Post by Sarah »

I'm literally in shock. I have never even thought about this but from now on no, I wouldn't 😂😂 I just thought you were safe from lightening if you were inside your house.

Post by Lisa »

I'm with your hubby.... I've never heard of anyone being struck by lightning whilst showering, bathing or washing their hands or dishes

Post by Lynda »

No showers or baths in a thunder storm. It’s been ingrained in me from being small. I would put my phone down too. I am usually outside watching which is probably more of a risk

Post by Emma »

I wouldn't do any of that or stand near a window or open door. I wouldn't even use a cordless phone or a mobile phone. My fear comes from having a direct hit on our house when I was younger and seeing the light switches blow up inc anything plugged in to them... scary times

Post by Lynda »

We used to live in Central Florida…lightening there was crazy. We were always told not to shower and try keep away from taps in a severe storm as plumbing can conduct a strike. HOWEVER storms here are seldom that severe AND most plumbing pipes are plastic now so the risk is minimal at best.

Post by Alison »

My mum always made us unplug the TV, back in the days when there was an aerial on your chimney, but she never said anything about water

Post by Hannah »

Nope and i wouldn't be doing anything else either so no prepping food, no toilet visit..literally nothing! Just sat there not moving til its stopped

Post by Kirsty »

I don't understand why you wouldn't do those things? What has a storm got to do with it?

Post by Helen »

What 🤣🤯
My great aunt used to tell me that if you went out in the rain “on your ladies days” you’d get a brain tumour 🤷‍♀️ didn’t buy into that one either!

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