I've been trying to achieve dark and moody in my living room

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.. It's taken me weeks to almost complete. Just the door to finish painting. I've done it all myself included putting up coving and a centre ceiling rose. The fire surround was a horrible orange wood, I painted it with Rustoleum furniture paint. Also painted my TV cabinet to match. It really has been a labour of love. The wallpaper was £7.00 a roll in Wilkos sale. Curtains from fb marketplace. Rug from Ebay. I'm on doing the whole house room by room in a similar style. My bedroom's almost done too. I moved here in August and gave myself a year to complete the house. Reason for this is nearly every room needs plastering.

I'm slowly making progress..

I've been asked a couple of questions about items.

Fire surround and TV unit: Rustoleum furniture paint. Satin finish in the colour "black sand". It's a black/blue. Lovely paint to use. I bought it from Amazon.

The rug and firescreen from Ebay. They were both auctions. A little tip with ebay auctions. I bid within the last 5 seconds. Its risky, but works. I watch how the bids are going, then put a high bid in. Ebay only bids up in increments of a pound or a fiver. I actually won the rug by £1.00.

Be careful though and make certain it's a bid you can afford. Stick to your top bid, no more. You may get it cheaper. It all depends on other bidders.

Wallpaper from Wilkos in their sale. It was supposed to be £14 a roll. I got it for £7.

The emulsion underneath the dado rail is a dupe of farrow & ball "railings' which is a black/blue colour. My local decorating centre mixed it for £35 for 5L as opposed to f&b £90.

The curtains were from Fb marketplace and cost £40. They're really good quality. Exactly what I was looking for.

The coving was from B&Q. It was £39 for a pack which did the whole room.

The ceiling rose cost £18 from Amazon.

The biba cushion is from Binns in Darlington. It was half price.

The tiebacks are from Amazon. £20

The shelves are from IKEA. They were about £12 each. I already had the brackets which were originally from Amazon a few years ago.

The glassware on the shelves is Carnival glass, I've collected over a few years.


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Looks like a Victorian palour room. Love it xx

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It's beautiful well done you.

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Absolutely beautifully u shud b Very proud.

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Love it could you tell me where you got your fire shield from your room is beautiful xxx

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Love it! Very victorian which is always amazing.

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I wish I had your talent for putting colours, patterns and texture together it’s beautiful.

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Congratulations on what you have accomplished it looks really nice.

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