Can I take the leather off and dye it like you would with a fabric sofa?

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My mother in law is giving us her sofa as ours has’s very comfortable, but the only problem is it’s 10 years+ and half of the leather has come off.

I’m wondering if we can take the leather off and dye it like you would with a fabric sofa, or is the material different?

I would just put throws over it in the colour we want, but we have 3 young children who want to pull them off constantly and use them as blankets instead of their own blankets.

Thank you in advance!

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I have just today got rid of my leather sofa with a huge hole in the leather.

I bought a throw that fitted it nicely by tucking the throw under the legs so it couldn’t move, I then sewed a bath towel ( by hand ) along the back of the throw and a hand towel either side …I then shoved the towels as far as I could down the space at the sides ans back so they didn’t show and the main throw was neat ( only on the seat ..the back of mine was fine ).

It was totally kid proof and just needed to be redone every couple of weeks when it started moving too much ( I had two that I made so I could wash regularly too ).

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I bought elastic covers from Amazon as out really old sofa is sat on by our dogs who are huge so whilst just us we leave uncovered and when anyone comes I pop them on.

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How bout putting thows over back and using them like material and stappling then on so not removable very easily.

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