How much is a reasonable price for a builder to renovate a normal size bathroom?

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+ Please, pic items mean everything we can see like tap, bathtub, tile, toilet etc. Right?

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Our builder says approx 20k plus tiles and pic items.

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We got a quote for $8.5k, builder does demo and installation (incl. tiling) and organises plumber, we pay for tiles/shower/vanity etc.

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Yep agree aground the 10k mark if you do demo yourself and organise the trades.

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We’ve never used a builder. We’ve done the demo ourselves, then hired individual trades to carry out the work needed. I’ve never spent more than $10k doing it this way. We also buy all fixtures etc ourselves - using Bunnings products mostly, to keep cost down.

I’ve renovated a lot of bathrooms.

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Hubbie is in this trade. Outsourced. Basic bathroom around $12 000-$25 000 depending on if you need demo work, plumbing stays as is or if don't want whole room tiling, with mostly generic fixtures and fittings. A middle of the range around $20 000-$30 000. Higher end fittings, wall to ceiling tiles, moving plumbing etc realistically $30 000-$40 000. Obviously everything you do will reduce cost and organising your own tradies will save as well.

As an example we are doing own bathroom, (hubby doing all the work, not outsourcing) we get everything at cost, no bath, completely tiling every wall from floor to ceiling and it is still coming in at $21 000 ( includes custom cabinetry, frameless shower and higher end fittings.) We need to move and install new plumbing and add a wall, as this space wasn't a bathroom previously.

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I'm Bathroom Renovation Specialist and my average bathrooms start at $30k and includes everything. I strip back to frame, only use experienced tradespeople, and work to the highest standards. You can't take shortcuts with bathrooms as too much can go wrong. Even though they are usually small rooms, they are the most complicated room in the house and use upwards of 7 trades.

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