I’m looking for tips to make a morning routine with children & work easier

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With the exchange of experiences and ideas.. I’m looking for tips to make a morning routine with children & work easier

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I used to find easiest thing was starting work at 7am. It meant I was out by 6:15 am and my husband had to deal with the kids :D :lol:

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“Easy breakfasts” - like croissants, ready made pancakes etc.

Uniform and work clothes all laid out the night before. Also any lunches etc.

Get yourself up before the kids. So you can a) get ready in peace. And b) then once you’re done you only need to focus on the kids.

Have a set time that you WANT to be out the door by!

And also - just remember - if you flap. They flap.

& If you’re already running late - you’re Already Running late!! So just go with it. Just accept you’re going to be late to work. Try and make sure everyone leaves each other on a happy note.

The hardest part for me was the mum guilt on the days where I felt I dropped them off hastily and moody! So now if we’re a bit behind. Well so be it.

Your job can replace you. Your family have only you!

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ALEXA!! i set reminders/ routines and alexa tells everyone what to do at specific times. game changer!

Edit: previous strategies I’ve used…

For slightly younger or ASD children, visual things work best for morning routines…

E.g. Lego / megablocks: write each task the child has to do on each brick (sharpie or printed stickers) … they build the tower when they complete each morning task.

Or, each task set on Velcro or magnet strip and they remove once task is done.

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Everything ready the night before as others have said. I recently bought my 5 year old a little ‘morning routine’ chart where she gets to put a star next to the tasks she’s completed (ie get dressed, brush teeth, shoes on etc) so I’m hoping this helps with back to school soon! :arrow:

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As much done the night before ie lunches packed and clothes out out ready.

Kids get up and dressed including shoes!

Hair done.


Teeth cleaned.

Beds made.

TV can then go on until time to go

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Sundays: I have an hour every Sunday morning. Get mine and my sons clothes sorted for the week. Backpacks sorted night before. Shoes by the front door and coats if needed. Packed lunch stuff easy to grab. My son has a bath before bed every night and I have a shower in the mornings. Whilst I'm getting ready my son either plays or watches TV or his tablet. This has been our routine since birth so my son is used to it and knows the drill. No problems at all in the mornings for us. We always have 20 mins every morning to talk and chill out before the day starts x

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My rule was nothing turned on TV etc until everything done and everyone ready. Surprising how quick they then got ready 😂😂

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Everything ready night before. Make sure you are up before them so you can be showered and dressed in peace before you get them going. Give them enough time to wake up and also jobs. Our packed lunches are made the night before and left in the fridge.

My eldest or I lay the breakfast table the night before and she is responsible for helping my youngest get their breakfast ready whilst I sort out the bags/water bottles.

She is also responsible for getting their teeth done.

We put everything we need for the day by the front door the night before as well.

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Honestly the best morning hack I have ever seen is to get childrens uniform or clothes ready on the weekend and put them all in labelled drawers (monday-friday) with underwear in each and pe kit in relevant days .

We did this last year and our children were ready far easier and earlier . They come down dressed and ready for breakfast which is just great . It has also given us time to read in the mornings and do some maths before school .

We also don't turn on the TV  :!:

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Get as much ready the night b4. Bags packed. Lunches in fridge. Shoes by door. Clothes out ready to put on. Breakfast table ready bowks spoons etc cereal boxes

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I get everything ready the night before. Lay out clothing, make lunches, get snacks and drinks for the morning out on the side and make sure toothbrushes are preloaded and ready in the downstairs loo. Mine have breakfast at nursery/school so I can avoid that lengthy process!

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Sorry does not compute...haha. Try and organise as much the night before. Have clothes, school bags, shoes etc all looked out ready. Good luck if you find the secret of calm mornings please do share.

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Clothes ready, bags packed and lunches made the night before. Overnight oats for breakfast (porridge oats, natural yoghurt and fruit in one cup and put in fridge overnight)... wake up and hour before the kids to have your coffee and get ready. Then wake the kids up one by one easiest to deal with first. Once one has had their breakfast get the next one up so the first one can wash, brush teeth and get ready etc..

I have 5 and it's worked for me so far. Once the kids are up we are out in half an hour x

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