Any suggestions on how to boost WiFi signal?

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I am looking to put a wireless thermometer in my greenhouse but my wifi signal is too weak.

Any suggestions on how to boost the signal?

Post by Phil »

I live on 5 acres and have a couple of external wifi extenders. It works well with my Govee Thermometer.

Post by Laura »

Can you plug an extender into an outside outlet or a nearby inside one?

Post by Amy »

I believe there are Wi-Fi signal boosters that you can buy, not sure where though

Post by Andrew »

Get a mesh Wi-Fi network like the net gear orbi. Multiple access points all meshed together to flood your house. You can buy extra to extend further.

Post by Robert »

This is a wifi extender... works by plugging into an outlet in your home


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This is a remote access...has a CAT6 cable ran to your existing home router switch... this is absolutely the best if you can run the cable. I have great connection in my home, metal shop (remote access point), shed & greenhouse (second remote access point)

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