Any thoughts or suggestions to recycle old cattle trailer to a greenhouse?

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We recently bought some property and it has this old cattle trailer that my husbands thinks he can recycle for a greenhouse. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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No suggestions. Just came to say, “I love the creative way he thinks! Go for it!!”

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I see alot of work.

Post by Douglas »

Set it up as a greenhouse, then drag it around town in the spring for seedling sales. I have always wanted to do this. Someday...

Post by Don »

If you attempt to turn that trailer into greenhouse, you'll be trapping moisture inside which is going to accelerate rust and accelerate rotting of the wooden floorboard.

Speaking from experience!

Post by Lisa »

Love the trailer! I would build a little greenhouse where you want one…but drag that trailer out of there and cozy it in the garden somewhere. Cover it in climbing flowers string Christmas lights up and use it as a destination. It’s just adorable.

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See if you can find somebody to buy the trailer and use those funds to build your greenhouse. You'll be surprised at how fast it will rust and how quickly the wood will rot out even if it's treated wood.
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