Any tips for a low budget wedding!

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Hello wonderful people; I wonder: Any tips for a low budget wedding!

Post by Naomi »

We had a home made theme this June. Vintage afternoon tea (my husband and his brother made all the sandwiches & scones, lots of the friends that came made a cake). My mum made little material bird favours which hung from branches, she made miles of bunting too. My mother in law grew wild flowers and collected jars to put them in on each table. We had a marquee in my in-laws garden, a cheap but amazing DJ. I’d originally chosen a second hand dress but in the end needed a maternity one

Post by Dianne »

We had a small budget and had a lovely day. Wedding in a hall in the forest followed by the evening in a hotel. We didn’t do a sit down meal just a buffet, photography was a student, cake made by my mum, high st for shoes etc, one bridesmaid. We had the best time! Also asked for money towards the honeymoon as gifts

Post by Harie »

Venue & meal is greatest expense. If you can hirer a pretty village hall & do your own food with family & friends you will save thousands. I have been married twice. First wedding, version of my big fat greek wedding, 450 guests chosen by our parents. ( age 20). Second wedding ( & last 🤣 age 40) We went with our two witnesses, meal after then went away for the weekend together. Had a party at home a week later. The latter was the best for me.❤️

Post by Sarah »

We had our service at the Registry Office, then went to a Restaurant for a Meal, where everyone paid for their own. We had pre ordered the food etc at the restaurant, and people only came if they were happy with the arrangement. It was nothing fancy, but we had a fantastic time.

Post by Katie »

Tbh, I got married at Gretna green, 20 of us, paid for 5 rooms (family only) for weekend, their fuel, my dress, bridesmaid dresses, suits, flowers, hairdresser, makeup, photographer, piper, bar paid for and it cost me £2942! My after party back home cost more that’s the whole wedding and I just hired the hotel function room and a buffet with a dj and cost us £3500! Wish I had just lost the £500 deposit to be honest! But Gretna green all the way - this was December by the way! And 15years ago!

Post by Hannah »

Week day weddings are normally cheaper!

We literally had ours at a registry office on a monday afternoon, could of had upto 50 guests but chose to only have 12 of us. Photos still beautiful as gardens behind where lovely. My brother took the photos so saved on money there! Onto a village pub which we hired out the back room so wasnt disturbed by anyone. So small and intermediate wouldnt have changed it for the world. And saved a fortune!

Post by Nicki »

Go abroad, those who want to share your special day will be there but think about those who you want to be there who may not want to travel far. My Nan was 87 and flew to
Malta and my hubby’s parents who don’t fly were able to travel by coach and ferry to Malta. If we had gone further afield they would not have been there x

Post by Ailsa »

Tbh we just went to a registry office with our parents and our first son who was 5 months at the time. It was what we wanted to do. We didn't tell anyone else until we got back

Post by Cathy »

We're currently planning ours for next summer. Booked a church, another church hall for reception who can provide some decoration and bbq and cold buffet for 100 guests. We're getting married late afternoon so no sit down meal. I bought my dress for £100 as shop was selling off old stock. I'm a wedding DJ so have my own PA and have friends to hold the fort. I think wedding cars, a cake and a photographer we don't need. I've got 2 friends who are florists to help out there. We're booking a bouncy castle and it's summer garden party festival themed.

One of the best weddings I DJ'd had the whole of their family and friends chip in so the sister of the groom paid for the DJ ect. I'm thinking of asking our family and friends for Euros instead of gifts for spending money for our honeymoon. Congratulations! Enjoy your day, it's about making memories not how much you spend 💒🤵‍♂️👰🏼‍♀️💖

Post by Stacey »

Go on wedding pages fb marketplace and buy second hand decorations etc bridesmaids have none or go to primark for dresses etc buy wedding dress off eBay or second hand. Don’t hire a venue use a pub or a hall but u can hire place for wedding only like windmills etc. do a buffet but get every guest to bring one thing home made alone

Post by Cat »

We married on valentines day which fell on a Friday that year which we didn’t realise would bring the price down.

Do as much as you can yourself

Ask friends and Family to provide things like money towards cake, decorations etc instead of presents

Lots of new wedding photographers are keen UK build their portfolio and charge a fraction

Wedding dresses from shein etc

Honeymoon out of season

Lots of different options

Post by Emma »

We had a registry office wedding and a wedding buffet and after party at our house. Wedding dress from bhs and suit from Tesco … simple gerba flower bouquet £20 and buffet bits from Iceland. Was an amazing day

Post by Roisin »

Mine was registry office, dress from Debenham, suits from closing down sale. Buy 1 get 1 free.

Did food ourselves, inlaws put marquee in their garden.

Instead of car, we all met at the car park and walked to registry office and back as full group

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