I'm a little overwhelmed with how much I think I have to learn

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Question from a beginner. I'm a little overwhelmed with how much I think I have to learn.. I am doing a lot of reading and have many questions. Today's is.. with this building (half of it is a greenhouse half of it is a shed space) with a window that opens do I still need cross ventilation installed? or will an open window with a fan or two do the job?



Thank you in advance.

Google is overwhelming me so I come here to the pros who are doing it.

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put a weather station in there(they are cheap $25) then you can be inside your house and know what the temp and humidity is in your greenhouse and adjust accordingly.

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Given the size I think you could just install a fan on the opposite side of the door and then keep the door open during hot days. Maybe just add one of those magnetic screens if you want to keep bugs out. You could also put a window or two on the shed side if you wanted. Depending on where you are located, it wouldn’t hurt in the summer when it will bake in there.

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Fans are a mush have because plants air movement even in the winter when you probably won’t windows open.
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