Everyone be getting their greenhouses going..!

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.. and I'm over here creeping waiting for the day I can get one.

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Well you have the benefit of seeing beforehand that you get what you pay for. The page is full of ruined greenhouses. Save your money, build a building out of wood and quality plastic roofing. Something that won't blow away or get flattened by an inch of snow.

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Build a high hoop. We just had 60+ mph winds last night in Oklahoma and it didn't flinch. Costs u
nder a $1000 and built to last.


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Me too. I had 2 in NC and moved to the very windy plains of Colorado and am going to have to build something more substantial to withstand our often 50-70+ mph winds... and I'm not a builder... so $$ is a big factor because I will have to hire out.

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I use a spare bedroom because my Greenhouse I do not heat plants don't go out there until the beginning of May when I know it's not going to freeze no more I have peppers celery parsley coleus going right now I will be starting Tomatoes March 1st.

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Ordered a gh. Wasn't having it shipped until April. Winter was incredibly mild so I just changed the ship date to 3rd week of March thinking I can start the install process early. We just had a foot of snow followed by low teen temps and we are getting another massive snow storm starting tonight and followed by freezing rain. I'm not happy lol.
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