We are trying to grow produce to sell locally

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Year two with our 30x40 custom built hoop house. located in Kansas. 6mil double walled plastic. Wood stove and backup electric heater. Water is ran through outside spigot.

We just finished building our hydro setup. Will be starting that as soon as nutrients get delivered. We do not have a grocery store in our small town so we are trying to grow produce to sell locally.

I’ve got vegetables, cacti, succulents, house plants, annuals, perennials, and more. We keep temps anywhere from 55-85. Auto fan and shutters.

When it gets warm we roll the sides up. Snow fence prevents neighborhood animals from coming in but allows bees a chance to come in. We hand pollinate still as pollinators aren’t abundant inside. It’s a learning process.

Lots of changing and rearranging.

It helps with my seasonal depression and I find myself lost in this little cozy world. Thanks for looking!

I am NOT a pro but can try and answer questions if anyone has any.


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Good reason for a greenhouse, no grocery store at all? Ours is about 15 miles away.

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Did you start out with a smaller greenhouse and then go bigger? I’m trying to get ideas for myself.

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What are you planning for the 5 gallon pails?
Bty, love your set up.

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Soooo happy for you..
I want one that size.
I've got a 12 by 40. But i already want another.

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I love it, great job, my husband is going to build me up greenhouse this year, but not as big… yours is fantastic.
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