The winds are still crazy

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Woke up this morning to this in Missouri. The winds are still crazy so I can't even go out to try and clean anything up. The frame is staked in so it isn't going anywhere thank goodness.

It is a little under 2 years old. We staked the frame into the ground with T stakes and metal hose clamps. It WAS a heavy duty greenhouse cover that was fully tied down and had cinderblocks around the entire structure.


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Sorry You might want to use wind straps next time.

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Keep the frame! Buy some channel and wiggle wire and cover it in greenhouse plastic? Not sure if it would be more cost effective to just buy new plastic made for this or if doing my suggestion would be more expensive? OR you could keep the frame, attach a shade cloth over it and have yourself a little shaded plant area this summer?

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I'm wondering how my movable walk in pens for my poultry will look. They have tarps over the top. I learned to cut most of the zip ties before storms and did it yesterday, so I hope they didn't go airborn :lol:

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That happened to us a few years back. It sucks. All we did was rebuild.

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We have crazy winds here, so will probably need a window/wood structure. I don’t think plastic will cut it.

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Fortunately, the replacement covers aren’t terribly expensive. We ran heavy string from one side to the other across the top of our new cover after having the same issue from that severe storm in December.

Since then, the wind hasn’t been able to tunnel a whole lot. Our frame is metal and like yours, tethered deep into the ground. It was the cover that did as yours did. Now it has numerous string bolts across top and bricked around edges to hold it down when the wind gets going. Ours is by a field and the wind can be awfully strong!

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That’s the problem with plastic covers. Tried them several times in NM & Kansas. Just can’t hold up to the brutal weather. I went to a more permanent Aluminum & Polycarbonate greenhouse. Held up to 70 MPH winds last year here in Shawnee, KS zone 6b.

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I was thinking about the winds during the storm last night and what it might do to a hoop house on my farm. I'm south of Warsaw and those front line winds were crazy. I have a gazebo in my garden and the canvas material on top might be ripped, I can see one corner blowing around now, but plastic might not fare as well.

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I'm in SEMO. I had a steel frame greenhouse covered with a custom fit, opaque, woven poly with zippered door and windows. Had it up 10 years in tornado alley. It almost survived the 09 Super Derecho, but a tree limb fell on it. I would recommend buying a woven poly cover if you can.

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one of the reasons we went with a heavy duty custom build aluminum frame and extra heavy poly sheets, any of them can get damaged or rolled with big enough winds but I don't want to be replacing plastic or items damaged ect regularly and worrying about it. spend your money wisely my daddy use to say the first time. if you can't afford it, save up till you can... wish the best for you.

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Takes about 2 seasons to get a greenhouse comfortably working & by then the plastic starts breaking down. Always buy from a company that can sell you fresh skin. May not be the cheapest solution, but who wants to start from scratch again? Benches, irrigation, drainage. Pretty soon you start adding up all your invested time. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
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