What’s your favorite gloves?

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I usu do not wear gloves when working in garden but I do hate trying to get all the dirt from around my nails… What’s your favorite gloves?

Post by Jayne »

I always put them on. and no matter what I'm doing, I rip them things off within 2-3 minutes, I just cant work in gloves of any kind. period.

Post by Michele »

One gal said she rubs bar soap under her nails so the dirt washes out easily at the end of the day. Otherwise I buy the rubber gardening gloves from Costco gardenia latex gloves.

Post by Nancy »

Atlas gloves are my favorite.

Post by Kathy »

Retired homecare nurse here. I wear cheap nitrile exam gloves.

Post by Julie »

Fox gloves are my favorite. Not good for thorns but great for everything else. I have 7 pairs a clean pair for every day as they are washable.

Post by Mary »

I have a hard time keeping gloves on. Our dirt stains my hands & feet. I soak them in warm water with a bit of mouthwash. It sounds strange but it works like a charm.

Post by Lisa »

Scrape your nails over a bar of soap before working in the garden. Supposedly, the soap in your nails will keep the dirt out.

Post by Liz »

I just use a hand & nail brush to scrub around & under my nails when I'm done. Walmart sells this one for about $3.


Post by Rhonda »

I don't wear gloves either. I cut a lemon in half, put one half in a bowl and knead it with my fingers, digging my nails into it. 5-10 minutes. Works every time.

Post by Julie »

I used to hate to wear gloves but in construction I was required to wear them 100% of the time for safety. You adapt and get used to them for all things except tape. Now I am uncomfortable not wearing them. But I still get my nails and cuticles dirty. I need to try the soap trick.

Post by Fran »

Scratch a soap bar with Nall your nails. It will feel a little weird at first but no dirt when you wash your hands.

Post by Louise »

I wear these ones. Last forever, good water protection and just trow them in the wash when needed and they come out as new.

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