A mixed bin so rubbish and poo 4 feet away from my Living room window

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Post by Guest »

HI GUYS, I NEED HELP, so environmental health say there is no law on how close a dog poo bin can be from your property!!! Crazy I know, but no council is that awful to do it right?

My town council have placed a mixed bin so rubbish and poo 4feet away from

Living room window. The smell you can imagine is awful and I can’t open my windows, down stairs or upstairs because of the smell.

I have MS newly diagnosed - and my son has ADHD & ASD.

If my body over heats I will relapse and I can’t open the open the windows cos of the smell.

They are emptying it every other morning but living close to the fields doesn’t help as everyone got a dog in lockdown there is loads of member of the public that use it.

Please comment with any help or advice.

Post by Amy »

Sometimes bins like that grow legs and move over night! I couldn’t cope with that!

Post by Chelsea »

Phone your local council and tell them rats have been spotted going in and out of the bin, and near your door.

They should move it due to health, safety and environmental issues.

Post by Lydia »

If council won't help then take it to the press! They should install an actual poo bin else where on the path away from your property! Bins in our town tend to disappear all the time and not even down to the yobs but because the council remove them so surely they can do the same for your town... how does mixed bins allow for dog crap?

Post by Sarah »

Oh no surely that can’t be on what absolute numpty thought that wld be a good idea! So sorry ur having to deal with this.

My only advise if you’ve already contacted the council and exhausted their complaints route is direct it to the ombudsman.. good luck.

Post by Cassie »

If I lived there that bin would be moved when it went dark, and probably found outside the council offices window or door :D :lol:

Post by Bell »

If your son has autism and like it would with my autistic son, effect his senses and stress him out. Then yes definitely you can do something about it as it's stressful for a child with additional needs. Also with you having Ms most definitely too! Contact citizens advice and take it from there! :oops:

Post by Ffee »

Get your doctor to write a letter and send to your local MP and council :arrow:

Post by Kay »

I am a town and county councillor. Go into your local town council website and find the county councillor for your area and write them an email (better than a phone call as there is a paper trail).

You could also write an email of complaint to the Town Clerk, who’s information will be on the website, and this will be classed as a formal complaint.

Your county will be more likely to make adjustments if they have pressure put on by your local elected member.

You could also go to the local newspaper if you have no joy.

I would advise that you make suggestions as to where it could potentially be moved to that wouldn’t be so problematic, as it shows you understand the need and you aren’t just being a NIMBY.

Hope this helps a little x

Post by Amy »

Get some bolt cutters and cut through the metal clips and move it right down the path - do it late at night and as quietly as possible. As long as there’s no CCTV! If they put it back, do it again and again.

Post by Julie »

That’s a BIG safety issue so close to your house, someone could put a lit cigarette end in it & if it’s not put out properly it’s a fire hazard, also even though it’s not a poo bin people will still put poo bags in it, contact your local councillor & local paper saying it’s effecting your’s & your family’s health,

Post by Nettie »

Take photos and write letter to your local council. This is a health hazard. Contact your local news paper and radio/ tv station and they will do an article. Talk to council first then take the next steps if no reply. This is also an environmental health issue! Do not move the bin yourself

Post by Kieron »

If there’s a bin that close to the front of someone’s house that contains not just food and general waste, but excrement as well then it’s bound to attract flies and rodents.

Surely that would be classed as a potential environmental hazard to the resident??

Post by Thomas »

It would be a shame if this bin repeatedly went missing or was relocated farther down the footpath with no explanation or evidence. Teenagers eh?

Post by Gemma »

Write to your local MP and tell them it's unacceptable and unhygienic.

Post by Sarah »

Oh my this is horrendous. Can you complain to environmental health?

Having ASD with multiple sensory issue must be unbelievable for him.

I’m sure you have already done this, but I would be speaking to my MP and writing to the council and anyone who listens.

This is not right!!

Post by Amy »

If your son is ASD The chances are he will be sensitive to smell or undersensitive. If he is sensitive to smell go to the dr and ask for a letter, send that onto the council. I cannot believe a council is that daft to do this. They will move it eventually you just need to fight, and fight hard. Approaching your local councillors is better than the council office too. :idea:

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