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Do I water from the top or bottom and how often?
Also, do I need the dome covers to if it will be in a glass greenhouse temperature controlled?


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I always use a heat mat under the tray and use a shop light suspended about 8 inches above the tray, moving the light up as the plants grow. We have a lot of cloudy days in the PNW.

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Using the plastic dome tops will help germination process to speed up. Creates more warmth. We use cups with domes (ice cream type domes) and tape the top creating a mini greenhouse. We moisten soil and then add seeds and spray top with spray bottle before putting dome on. Usually do not have to water again until after they sprout. Remove top once sprouted.

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Always bottom when starting seeds! Fill the tray in the bottom just an inch or two full and wait until you see each cell turn a darker color and absorb water. Then drain all the remaining water from the tray and don’t regatee again until you see the top of the substrate start to dry a little and turn a lighter color.
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