Finally going to build our greenhouse this yr

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.. Anyone else have a 16x 18? If so do you like the size and how tall is the roof? Also thinking 2 windows on front and 2 on back with poly on rest.

What are your thought on windows and poly combo versus all windows on side walls?

Thank you all for any tips. I just want to get it right.

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I have a 14x20. 10 Ft high on north and 3 ft on south. I have the north wall insulated and covered in steel siding so jo windows or plastic there. I wish it were 2x as big. I think, depending on where you live, and what you want to grow, the windows and poly will be fine. I assume the front and back are north and west? If you are counting on the window for ventilation you will still need vents and fans high up on a wall. The windows will help but won't do it on their own.

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Our last greenhouse was 8x12 and was way too small, but our new one under construction is 15x20 with 8-foot side walls and about 10 feet at the peak. The size you are talking about seems good for the normal hobbyist but based on my experience, the higher the sidewalls, the better—especially if you are going to use it for things like potted citrus in the winter or for tall-growing veggies like tomatoes or cucumbers.

Your location will influence your choice for glazing. We had double wall poly on our last and will also on our new one under construction. Last one to insulate against the cold (PNW) and this one more for the heat (Texas).

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Look at plans from Cord greenhouses.
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