Can anyone tell me best way to get rid of gnats in greenhouse!

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I just bought mosquito bit but will try TEMU too.

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On vegs. use cinnamon. The gnats come from fungus in the soil so when you water they love it and move around. The cinnamon kills the fungus plus organic.

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10% mixture with distilled water to make 1 gallon. Mist/spray on soil to 1/4 inch depth. Won't harm seeds or seedlings.

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Put a sarraccinia (mspl) in there. Works like a charm.

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I also use mosquito bits like Thomas said, but also now pour boiling water over my seed starting soil when wetting it, cover it with foil for 30 minutes, then let it cool. Seems to really help! No nutrients in seed starting mix that this method would hurt.

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Fly traps. Predator insects. Predator plants. DE. Flying skulls nuke em. Lost coast.

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Mosquito bits will kill the larvae in the soil - treat every couple of weeks. Yellow sticky cards to catch the ones that have already hatched.

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Mix some neem meal in with your soil, and put a layer of diatomaceous earth powder over the top. When you water add hydrogen peroxide to the water. Try bottom watering only. Also, place some sticky, fly tape near the plants. The fungus gnats in my house were getting out of control. A combination of these things is working, safe and is organic.

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There in the soil.


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diatomaceous earth.

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I just bought some yellow sticky things from TEMU (good prices) and I catch lots of them in my pepper plant. I have 3 in the pot and just change them out when they get full. Sticky on front and back. Originally didn't know if they would work but they have caught plenty.

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I use mosquito bits. I place them in mesh, and soak them in my watering can. Then use the water for my plants. Works great. I think the eggs are in my starter mix. Some years I get them and sometimes I don’t. But they don’t seem to appear until I start my seeds. I have a year round heated greenhouse.
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