Moles have come under my walls, any tips to control them?

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I look forward to many suggestions..

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Terrible mole/vole problem in East Texas. The only way I’ve found to get rid of them successfully is to kill their food source (grubs). My husband likes the “golpher hawk,” it works really well, but you have to physically remove the mole when caught.

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Spray the tunnels with castor oil, they will scatter, but you will have to reapply from time to time.

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human hair from salon stuffed down the holes, retains the human smell.

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I put hardware cloth down over the entire floor area of mine, then covered that with gravel. (I installed it before putting the greenhouse on top, but you might be able to do it now, if you run it up the inside walls a foot or so.)

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I am using castor oil on my gophers. It gets on their fur, they lick their fur get diarrhea and don’t come back!
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