Has anyone composted their kitchen scraps in a bed in your greenhouse?

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I don’t have worms in them yet as they are being built up.


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Definitely get some worms. Cover the scraps with some' soil. Don't forget to add some dry items in with your wet scrap. Don't put in any meat.

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I put the compost items in a 5 gallon bucket and when it liquifies, I pour it on my raised garden bed up to March for planting in April/May. I put a layer of soil from my potted plants on top and then when I reuse it in the pots, the soil is nutritionally restored.

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I bury kitchen scraps as deep in my beds as I can.. but I have six beds and I take turns one a week so I give them time as to not overwhelm the bed. I only do maybe a small gallon bucket at a time.

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Yes we do and the heat and humidity makes a great seed starting area, just be cautious of rodents and insects, ants became an issue once.

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I do. I only have a fence around it and I do it for heat. Attracted a LOT of fruit flies but I keep spraying natural mint spray which keeps them in control. My pile is only 80 degrees but it’s not full.

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I put in compost in all my raised beds. Sometimes the stuff isn't composted. I did get 750 worms initially to populate the beds. Now, I think I have thousands.
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