I am going to travel to South America.. Any help and tips are recommended

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Hello all, I am going to travel to South America and one or two countries in middle America from October 2022 to April or the latest so the end of may with a friend of mine.

We both have never been travelling to any country in south or middle America so far.

We want to visit Argentina, maybe the east of Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, maybe Galapagos or Columbia and Costa Rica and maybe another country in middle America and would like to know which route we should chose for these counties for that specific time.

Any help and tips are recommended.

Many thanks in advance 🙏🏻

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All countries your mentioned are beautiful but they are huge so for instance for Argentina, Colombia, Peru you need at least for each country one month. Brazil is the biggest on your list.. Could be one or two months.

So, my point it is read about these countries and make a plan.

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Sorry but do your homework 🙄 people want to travel longterm and are to lazy for doing their research and making an itinerary? 🤔

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Agree with Ingrid. The countries in Central America will be easier to travel because of the shorter distances. If you wanna know more about the countries. We started travelling in Mexico and going over land, heading south to Brazil with all the countries in between.
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