When arriving in Lisbon on a Friday..

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.. should I get a few euros at airport for metro and then go to a bank once settled? Is exchange that different with fees and such between airport and bank?

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Don’t use the Euronet atm, they charge an outrageous conversion fee. Use the Multibanco atm…while using the machine, reject conversion and reject conversion again….you will get your money at exact exchange rate.
I live in Porto…hope that helps.

Post by Diane »

The bank owned ATMs in airports have banks-rate exchange rates. The poor exchange rate would be if you took $$ to the exchange bureau in the airport. It’s fine to use the bank owned ATM on arrival.

Post by Cathy »

I order a bit of whichever currency from my US bank before I go. Then use an ATM there if I need more.

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I was there in October and never set foot in a bank. Easy to use ATMs at airport and everywhere else. I guess it's different if you want to exchange cash, but I never did.

Post by Mary »

If you don't have an account in that bank they won't exchange your money. But you can use their ATM.

Or just get them at your bank before travelling..

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Make sure that you decline the currency conversion when using ATMs. They will always give you a worse rate than you will get from your own bank.
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