What kind of stealing you or people around you have experienced in SA?

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Hey guys , going to SA very soon .I ll be making some content for YouTube and I d like to take my PC with me . It pretty expensive so I m not sure about it.

So I wanted to ask what kind of stealing you or people around you have experienced? I mean you can be careful and keep all your things together but if somebody it s going to assault u in the street it s a situation from where is dificoult to escape. What do u think about it ?

Thank you so much.

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Got a MacBook Pro and I work remote full time. I take it will me to cafes shops and work in those places all the time. Just get a seat away from the front door. And maybe in smaller cities don’t take it out of your hostel or hotel. I work everywhere though and haven’t had any issues. If I ever felt sketched out I just went home.

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When you say PC do you mean laptop? I'm imagining you walking around with a desktop... probably the vast majority of people are travelling with a laptop so I wouldn't worry too much. take care and don't put yourself in stupid situations. its possible you will be robbed, its the risk you take when travelling, but obviously the vast majority of people don't have any problems at all
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