Is there any way to start ranking/boosting a website fast?

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I know that SEO takes time to see results, I've done it long enough. But I've never tried ranking faster and I want to try. The website isn't new but the update from last June destroyed the traffic and no work has been seriously done on it ever since.

Anyway - any tips would be great!

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Anyone on here from India and Pakistan by any chance? Only asking as might have some work doing SEO.

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A website is like an engine where you'll need expensive oil to run faster to win the race.

In this case, I would say create High Quality Press links not the syndicated ones.

Replicate links of your competitors.

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You can try guest posting on High DA websites. I have alot of big sites where I regularly do postings and my clients see results in a very short period of time.

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Depends on what you class as the official "start time" if you plan to launch something in months to come, it's a good idea to set the domain live even with an under construction page. Then create socials (with links) to let them age, index and rank possibly, create pages of your site with the url structure, buy citations / links early and index them using a tool, gives a good head start for when the content / website is ready to launch. Then when you launch send traffic, more (better / more specific) links, social signals etc, etc

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Every SEO and business owner I know wants to rank as quickly as possible, but depending on the situation the time can vary greatly. None us like waiting months to see results.

Without knowing more about your site it's hard to tell you what to do.

Write good content, try to get backlinks, set up web 2.0's, and do the other basic things.

I don't think there is any real secret sauce. We just have to try to do everything as well as we can or pay someone who can do that task at least as good as us or better.

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Optimize page for performance and start posting WELL OPTIMIZED QUALITY ARTICLES as often as you can. I increased my traffic 10x in 3 months this way.
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