What’s the best strategy for pillar keywords, titles, H1s and metas for service pages?

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Local SEO question. If you have one business website for a business with multiple locations, what’s the best strategy for pillar keywords, titles, H1s and metas for service pages.

Do you try to include all locations/cities? Just choose the location + service keyword with highest volume?

We will set up separate location specific pages but not sure how best to optimize the core service pages.

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I optimized the website for multiple chiropractors that were all in different locations so I made H1 tags include their location for every chiropractor that it was intended for that page and set up separate Google my business page accounts for each location.

And then you can tie the two together by automatically posting the Google reviews on to each website unless it's all just one side however each location has to have a separate Google my business page and you should have a separate page for each location included in the title that the name of the area be the first word in the first sentence on the first page and don't forget to link to your Google my business page with any address that you have.

I apologize for any typos this is talk to text there's a lot more that I could teach but that's something that you may want to implement if you haven't already

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At the stage I make the home page more of an "about us" company/branded page optimized for the brand. then create a location page for each GMB. Use the location page in the GMB profile and optimize for that location only on that page. I don't optimize for any specific location on the homepage. I create a location picker for CTAs on the homepage that takes them to the right location page or they can use the location NAV menu.
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