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Is this a big issue? If so how do I fix it? Ecommerce website, if that helps any.

Thanks so much!

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Click on the blue button and find out what page is being redirected. If that page is meant to be on a redirect, there is no problem. If the url is not meant to be on a redirect and you want that specific url to be indexed then you need to remove the redirect. I would guess that you have the url link some place on the site and Google ran into it. It’s best practice to find where it is and replace it with the new url. But in general , this isn’t a big deal .

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Also make sure you don’t have a circular redirect where it redirects to itself.

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Also do the website crawl and make sure there are no internal links with redirections. If there are, update them into direct links.

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If developes or you have made a redirection of a page is not a problem. You have to check the redirect and parent page.

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If you’re sure there is no issues just click the button and search console will resolve. Other issues I’ve had to remove and add widgets, fix links, videos etc and then click the button. If you get lucky it will resolve itself.
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