Can you please advise what to look for when purchasing links, or any other suggestions for this?

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Hello there, I have a question if you can advise. I want to make a link building campaign for a ecommerce website I am owning and I have no idea at what to look for when purchasing the links. From the offers I got they sent the DA, PA and SPAM for each domain.

Can you please advise what to look for when purchasing links, or any other suggestions for this?

Thank you very much!

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Chances are high if you searched on Fiverr you’re getting trash links.
What makes things worse is that many of the metrics you’re provided can be fake or inflated.

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9ne way you can get a Google penalty is to buy links. Bad links can really hurt your site. You don't need to buy links to rank. Invest your money on good quality content, great kewordvruch blog articles and good SEO advice.

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Buying links would most likely have a nofollow tag and chances are a spammy website so Google would ignore it. Your better off with press release distribution.

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Relevance and traffic. DA, UR, DR, TF, Spam score are all BS metrics. I'd rather get a link from a website that has a DA of 5, but has keywords ranking on Google then from a website with a DA of 40 that has 0 keywords ranking on Google.

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If you do decide to pursue link building, it's important to be very selective about the websites that you choose to link to your eCommerce site. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating potential link opportunities:

Relevance: Look for websites that are relevant to your eCommerce site's niche and industry. Links from relevant websites are more likely to be seen as valuable by Google's algorithm.

Authority: Look for websites that have high levels of authority and trust in the eyes of Google. The Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) metrics can give you a sense of a website's authority, but keep in mind that these are third-party metrics and may not perfectly reflect Google's own evaluation of a website's authority.

Spam: Be cautious of websites that have a high level of spam or low-quality content. Links from these websites may be seen as low-quality or spammy by Google's algorithm and could result in penalties.
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