What are some tips and advice that you will give to someone building their first website?

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Someone starting as a newbie.

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• Think about your ideal client, what they want, and what they would be looking for.
• Check out your competitors’ websites.
• Work out what sets you apart, what you do differently and what makes you better than them.
• Hire a professional.

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First, I tell all my clients to build an easy to use website that passes core web vitals- this is key.
Then focus on content- that answers what your CUSTOMERS search for.
And then, maybe backlinks for a little boost.

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Start with the end in mind.... what keywords are you after, and what customer actions are you after. People forget this.

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Make sure to do market research. Be 100% sure of what you are offering, and add quality content. No copy-paste, and follow SEO practices.

In addition, I would recommend using the tool CloudFunnels. It will save your time in creating a website, as it does not require any coding skills and offers varieties of plugins as well.

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Take a keen eye on the URL structure.

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i recommend wordpress and use divi theme. Lots of support online too. I've tried various themes and this is by far my favourite to use. I use this for all my web design and SEO projects.

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Make it all original text do not copy and paste of another site and do not over do on the keywords.

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Unless you have months of time to get lost building something, I would recommend going with someone else that you can trust as an ally to do that stuff and help build your web presence.

As a business owner your time is best spent doing something that ONLY you Can do. Often times, that is service fulfillment or sales / management
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