How should I describe my characters?

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Hi everyone!

I'm really confused about how should I describe my characters. I don't like long character descriptions. I prefer 1-3 lines. But I am describing every character in the same way (in one line). That doesn't look Good. Can you help me out?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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I'd say that sometimes, actions would be more telling than words. Instead of saying your character is smart, put her/him in a position where she/he can demonstrate it. Same for shyness or being adventurous. Same for physical description. A tall person won't have the same interactions with their environment than a small person. Long hair/short hair etc.

Instead of a long description you can drop subtle adjectives or sentences in the action that would add to the character. (Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes if any, I'm a French speaker)

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I prefer to sprinkle them in over time. "She pushed a dark strand of hair from her face." Then later, "The sun reflected in her amber eyes as she smiled at him". That way, it's not too heavy at any given time

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