I am now considering self-publishing. What’s your experience with this and do you have any advice?

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Hi all… I am hoping you could help me with a decision… I’ve finished a children’s/YA novel and sent it to some agents. So far all of them are answering something like this (from the last one) “I have now had time to consider it and whilst I think it's well written and enjoyable, it's sadly not for …. That said, I'm sure another agent would go for it.”

While that sounds kind of encouraging, it seems it isn’t quite the right thing for commercial publishers. This is what my editor said too. She told me it has potential to be successful and it’s well written and all (“brilliant in places and very clever, a very talented writer…), but very hard to place with any commercial agents she could think of. Again, this feels encouraging in some ways but also disheartening to keep trying.

I am now considering self-publishing. What’s your experience with this and do you have any advice? Or is it better to be patient and persist in the traditional way?

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So you find praise disheartening?
I notice you call it a children’s/YA novel. Maybe you could make changes so the genre is clear.

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Have you considered a hybrid publishing option? I don't know if they are the best option but it seems to be what everyone I know has been doing recently and I think I'm going that route once I finally get there.

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Those are standard form rejections, so don't read anything into those. If the editor is very experienced in the current YA scene, then I would ask for more feedback in terms of what exactly about it isn't suited for "commercial" agents.

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It sounds like you need a better understanding of your target market. What is the age of your protagonist? What is the premise? Books for children and books for young adults fall into different categories. Also, it’s not unusual for authors to wallpaper their bathrooms with rejection letters. Even Harry Potter was rejected.
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