I like reading and I thought of being a writer. Does anyone have an idea of how to start?

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Someone told me: Write 600 pages, then edit and reduce it to 200 pages and add 100 pages to make it better.

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Put words on the page, that's how you start. Once you start, finish your first draft. It won't be good but you can't edit a blank page. Editing is how you improve your craft.

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Write short things. Ask yourself how they could be better. Eeven stences can be great or not so. Work on tiny stories a few lines long. Play with words. At the same time you can start reading up on the subject and seeing what else is involved: grammar, punctuation, style.... Later of course, there can be business. Work up to novels, if that's where you want to go. Look into planning, endless you just want to start writing and see where it goes, you generate a lot of notes, research etc.

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Take a good creative writing course. That will help you for sure…
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