What's on your checklist of things to do?

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Hi, fellow authors. It's T-minus 30 days before your novel will be published. What's on your checklist of things to do?

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By this time, I’ve been promoting the book for a year on my social media platforms where readers engage with me most. I send out email reminders to ARC readers to let them know the time is near for their posting reviews on Amazon. I send press releases to local and state media, radio talk show hosts, magazine book reviewers, and I’ve already placed a bulk order of paperbacks for the launch about 2 weeks previously. I confirm with the location of the launch, get my posters and bookmarks printed, arrange for refreshments, and contact my friends, my personal launch team. That about covers it.

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Hopefully, you already have social media posts scheduled and your presale started. If you have a Street Team, they should already have their list of things to do. Reviewers should have had copies sooner than this too. And you should have already placed your author copies order. In fact, it’d be good if you were starting to sign copies for whoever gets those.

I’m trying to think what should be left to do. Maybe write and schedule emails to your list? Set up ads on whatever platforms you intend to use? Do some last-minute media outreach to see if you can guest on any podcasts to promote the release?

I guess the bottom line is, if you haven’t already checked off a lot of your list by 30 days, you’re pretty behind.
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