Why is it so hard to write a first love interest?!

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I’m writing my first story. And you guys, WHY is it so hard to write a first love interest?! WHY is it so hard to write the details before the plot twist and climax?! I just want to skip to the good parts!

What order do you write in?

I wrote to the plot twist but now I’m trying to go back and add in more scenes, and it’s still difficult

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I don’t write in order. I jump around as scenes come in strong, meaning I usually write the key emotional scenes early. It always comes together in the end.
K. Iwancio

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Oh, I wrote the first chapter and hit MAJOR writer's block. So, I went ahead and wrote the first smut scene. The rest just followed suit quickly after that.

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I write in order, but if I'm not feeling a certain scene I skip over it to keep my momentum going.

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I write in order but that’s just how my brain works. I have other scenes written in my notes but I won’t add it until I get to that part. Having space and chunks missing would be to distracting for me. Just have to find what works well for you. I have also down outline of the major points. Then I tried for a couple chapters the pieces I wanted to be in that chapter specifically. Gave me something to stick to.

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There is no need to write in order, as long as you keep track of what you are including. I usually write at two ends simultaneously. Whenever I have new ideas I just write them down as key words or sentences while I'm still mainly working on the next/current part of my story
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