How do you motivate yourself to write everyday?

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I know I have a book in me. But I am procrastinating!

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Critique partners. I'm always looking for new ones. What are you trying to write?
Patrick S.

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Try to build a routine. I take an hour every morning with my coffee to check e-mail, do some social media, then write.

And when I say "social media" it is to engage with others to promote myself and my works. Try to keep it limited.

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It’s what I want to do more than anything – just made myself take a week off after writing a screenplay and… I realize the workdays are more fun for me than when I’m on vacation.

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You don't wait until you want to or feel inspired, you create a routine which you strictly adhere to and you have someone else keep you accountable to that routine.

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I know readers are waiting. My motivation comes from my desire to give them something new to read.
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