What's your most creative writing time?

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For me: Early morning, pacing around. Do not sit. Sitting is bad for brain. No, I'm not saying the brain is in the butt. There is, however, a connection between thinking and activity, in that physical activity increases brain activity.

Sit down when you think up ideas? Stop doing that. Start pacing back and forth or take a walk.

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None. I just write whenever I want.

Post by Brett »

When I'm trying to sleep and need to wake up early in the morning

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Depends.. I get random bursts of brilliant ideas, when I walk up a stairs or when I'm standing in a doorway or something

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On school, yes. It’s boring, and I can think of better ideas since I do not have to worry anything compared at home.

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Question for the after hours writers: how do you manage day to day life with your writing habits? And mostly how do you guys stay healthy with sleeping deprivation? Honest questions...

Post by Lisa »

Usually when I'm too busy or too tired to write my brilliant thoughts, "that I won't forget" down...

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anytime before I've engaged with the world. When I have a day to myself I do not look at my phone, social media. the news, don't go to the shops. I get up and write. That and only that. Once elements of day to day life fill me head I find it harder to get into the zone.

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Listening to jazz music, especially if it is laid back and without lyrics. I find it easy to think and write as the emotion of music is in my ears. It can be any time of the day, as long as I listen to music I am bound to write something down. If anything a good idea.
Jade SA

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Whenever I have time to listen to my own thoughts. Mom of 3 kids 5 years and under.

Usually when I’m driving them somewhere and they’re sleeping.

Or if I can get away for 2 hours to go to the coffee shop by myself… otherwise, it’s impossible to write anything.

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Mornings! Unfortunately, that's when the pets are after me for breakfast and then the urge hits me to throw some laundry in, and get further distracted. Oh, and catching up with social media (case in point, answering this at 7 AM). I need self discipline!
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