How do you get past writers block?

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I’m writing my book and the character is at the dr where I left off, the dr was about to ask some questions but I had to stop writing. I’ve come back to the book a few hours later and forgot what the question were so now I’m stuck I don’t know how to write the next sentence.

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What were they at the Doctor's for? Work backwards.. if that doesn't help just put some sort of reminder for yourself to come back to that spot to finish at a later time.

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Lol, maybe skip the chapter and move on to the next. The idea will come back soon when your mind is relaxed.

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When I get stuck like this I Type an @ in bold and leave notes after it...then crack on with the story...come back to it later.

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You won't believe how many stories I have started and got caught in a writer's block. I go back and sometimes/often solve the problem and go on with that story.

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Just keep writing. Allow yourself to write bad stuff, stuff that doesn't make sense in the moment, but it'll get your juices flowing again and help get you over the hump.

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I usually go for a walk or to the supermarket where I keep my eyes and ears open. It is amazing what you can see and hear if you set your mind to it because those trips give me all sorts of ideas. Try it and you may find the answers you are looking for. Even if you don't it is still fun and an ideas box. Good luck with your writing...
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