How do you guys deal with negative feedback?

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I try to look on the bright side of every bit of feedback wether it be negative or positive but it is difficult Tat times! I read one slightly negative comment and I’ve been thinking about it all day. I Just was curious to how some of you deal with this?

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What type of feed back? Are you referencing comments you solicited from a specific person. meant to be constructive criticism before you publish or reviews, post publication, where the intended audience is other readers?

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If it isn't valid feedback, I try to ignore it. I had someone say that my writing was too descriptive and therefore no good but the truth is that writing is an art and there are many different styles. If I write with description that doesn't necessarily make me a bad writer, it just makes me a descriptive writer. Montgomery and Dickens and Scott were all descriptive writers, ten times as much as I am really. So I don't consider that valid critique in any way and not worth being upset over.

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Ultimately all feedback is relevant. Whether it's relevant to what you are trying to achieve or not is something you have to decide. I have had my work ripped apart in Creative writing classes, by mentors by friends and even when I paid for a successful author to assess it. If you are thinking about it all day then either you are using the negative feedback to wollow (we all do this as a form of procrastination or even to self loath at times) OR it has resonated.

Focus on what it is in the negative feedback that bothers you.

Try (it's hard) to be objective with it.

Is there anything in the feedback that could enable you to improve on your work? You want your work to be the best you can achieve and that comes with tweaking re-writing,

If your writing has attracted negative feedback don't take it personally just take it as someone's view that may or may not help you work on your writing.

There are some authors who would always get negative feedback from me as I do not gel with their style yet other readers love their work.

What are you trying to achieve? Are you achieving it? Does this feedback give you any indications of what could be done to enhance your work?

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I don't look at it as the feedback is negative or positive. To me it is just someone's opinion and If I can use it then I do. If it doesn't make any sense then I just ignore it. I hope others do the same when I give feedback. What about your feedback? How do you want others to take your feedback? You want them to make all the changes you suggested? Not me. The author knows how they want their story to develop and I don't have the complete picture so my feedback may not fit into the story they are seeing in their mind. Just some thing to think about. Make it a wonderful day.

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At the end of the day you cannot please everyone. some will love the same thing others hate. Find your demographic and try to please them.

but if someone is offering you advice on how to get better, I always look at it like someone telling me I have something caught in my teeth. sure I might be embarrassed and that might make be feel upset- but its a kindness to be corrected. a real friend is kind enough to tell you if something is wrong.

If all I want is to have my ego stroked with kindness sharing my art would be the last thing I would do.

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I just had someone tell me my story lacks a unique voice, so instead of taking it the wrong way, im now trying to learn how to make the narrative of my story more engaging, and less bland
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