I am wondering if there is a book or reputable site, anywhere to get every single linguistic rule there is?

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OK guys now I am sorry if this doesn't exist or if it is in the elements of style book. I am wondering if there is a book or reputable site, anywhere to get every single linguistic rule there is? I am even hoping for even a big huge long list of them.

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I don't think you will find something like this because different fields and presses have their own conventions; however, a style guide might help you. If you desire, you can use Strunk & White (or Poff), but others might choose Chicago, AP, MLA, APA or so on. Then, as you write, if you deviate, you can start to make your own style guide. A style guide doesn't just deal with language, but it deals with formatting and consistency. That is, it might suggest you use the fully spelled out word "Okay" instead of "Ok" and the spacing of headers and so on. The Strunk book (Elements) should provide a good background on rules if you want to use that as your baseline.

If you eventually want to get a professional contract, a publishing house may have its own conventions.

Sorry if this is ramble city. I have an upper respiratory infection and took some nighttime syrup.

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CMoS is what the publishers and editors use for fiction and nonfiction mainstream publications. It’s a massive tome and not very user friendly unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. But it’s still a good book to have in your library.

Elements of Style is probably more in line of what you’ll need - not as exhaustingly comprehensive as CMoS, but gets the job done.

Then there’s Dreyer’s English, published by executive managing editor and chief over at Random House, which is a more fun reference book of grammar and style.

Others include AP, MLA, APA, AMA, etc. depending on other types of writing.

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The Elements of Style is greatly problematic. Start with a grammar textbook.
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