Has anyone used AI (ChatGPT to be more precise) for proofreading?

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Any opinion on how it works - pros and cons?

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The question is why do you want to use ChatGPT as a proofreader? It's an AI product that can be good if you are looking for logical outcomes. But when you are writing a book there is a whole lot of emotions you have put, which the AI will try to judge based on how positive it is. It is positively biased, and there are other preinstalled biases too. Avoid it at least for the proofreading.

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Chat gtp has its uses, but when I ask it to clean up a paragraph or dialog that just came out messy, it loses my style.

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Yes, it does a decent job of correcting wrong usage of tenses and some obvious typos. You need to be very, very clear with it though since it can sometimes change the whole sentence structure. Just clarify "do not change X, Y, Z" and it should do the trick.

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I mean, technically spell and grammar check would count as AI, right? Sometimes, I'll use Hemingway to tighten up the prose, but as far as feedback on plot, dialogue, and character, can't beat an actual human.

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I think most people do to some extent without realizing it. every squiggly line under a word is from some sort of AI.

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Quillbot does an excellent job for "uniforming" and correcting my verb tenses as well as providing a wide list of available synonyms for each words and giving suggestions for enhancing a sentence. It's not perfect but it helps a lot when you're not a native english speaker.

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Do you count things like Grammarly and Hemingway App as AI? In which case they do a decent job but they can't be relied on solely. If you're meaning anything more high powered and buzzwordy, I'm a neanderthal there

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I think this one thing that ChatGPT does well.

Microsoft Word queried a sentence and provided cryptic reasons why it is wrong.

I put the sentence in ChatGPT and it explained why I was wrong with examples that convinced me I was wrong.

On two other sentences, ChatGPT confirmed I was correct and with examples that convinced me.

I am pretty certain that future versions of word would leverage an AI to do grammar checks.
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