Looking for advice: How do I turn off my inner editor?

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I recently asked for advice on how to write faster and one suggestion was to turn off my inner editor. While I think it would help me a lot, and I have been trying to, I find it incredibly hard to do.

Maybe some of you had the same issue and found some kind of workaround?


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My work around is using a paper notebook. I have no distractions telling me something is wrong in blue and red. And then I say, spell check will help me when I type it. Sometimes I will jot an idea above some thoughts but mostly just free writing.

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Explain to your inner editor that right now you are in creative mode and need to induldge in creating the narrative and that it's their turn later..

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Turn off grammar and spell check in your programs and just write. No red squiggly lines until you turn them back on.

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Truth is you can't turn it off entirely. If it's a poorly written sentence, you can tell yourself, you'll fix it later and keep going, because at least the idea is out of your head and on paper. However, if it's a new idea, run with it. Maybe instead of doing x, your character does y. That's a good edit to do while writing.

All the little things such as sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, spelling, tiny details, should be ignored until you finish the book.

How do you ignore those little things? Listen to your characters. They don't have patience for those little things for they want to do what they want to do when they want to do it. They will keep the ink flowing.

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I use writing sprints. I do the same thing for editing. But I don’t truly edit until I’m done with the first draft. Then I print it out and make a binder for it.
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