How do a put this defeated reversal into a scene?

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So, in real life I'm trying to ask how to talk to really smart people about stuff that they seem to have forgotten about in the history of their subject.

Game devs made 5d mechanics because objects and time with interactions still can't move without them.

Physicists have all 11 dimensions but I stead they only focus on 2d and 4d.

So, I point them out and I get a wave of abuse, insults, people calling me mentally challenged. Asking what I hope to learn and the holes in my knowledge.

Then I say "You're right ...this stuff is mine!"

People saying I can't claim other people's work and I reply "You don't even know you've got it so yes ai can. All these little wins from having the model are mine too because didn't know them!"

"Hey since ray tracing in games just follows up the dimensions then I'll just head you off at the next dimensions so that's mine too!"

I want it to be climatic after being degrading cause that's how I felt.

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What you’ve written is good for the scene. I’ve adapted real-life interactions into fictional ones for my novels.

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Turn it into a scene that's happening. Put in dialogue.
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