Well rang Virgin about my price hike..

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.. and after speaking to 6 different people I got £17 off my bill .and a new hub in the process now my head is fit to burst.

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Trying to talk to someone from virgin is a nightmare.

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Mine went up from £67 to £102 - got a great deal from sky for £44 by the time I got through to retentions team with virgin they'd brought the bill down to £48 but it took nearly an hour, was disconnected from the call 3 times and left them just out of principle because the customer service was so terrible!

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Looking forward to my conversation with Virgin as going to ditch some bits and I’m not prepared to pay more than I do now . It will be a take it or leave it conversation. I’m even looking at alternatives. Let’s face it the Tv package comprises of +1 for half the channels. With apps you don’t even need them. The big 3 are getting away with it but probably not anymore as more and more people say enough is enough and either get the package they want or walk.

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Our deal ends in April for our broadband paying £31 rung up to see what they could do saying the best they can do is £41 pounds any body any ideas ,we need a good speed due to having security cameras and a ring door bell

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Well done.. my original payment was £74....they wanted £12 more so £84..I got offerred £56 . And a new hub..but had to pay £25 for that one off.. bit I can now have a re think for 18 months breather and decide next move..

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people not trained properly these days.
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