Looking for some tips for a trip to Paris on the Euro Star in August

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.. Looked at packages with on the Euro Star website. for 3/4 days, hotel and breakfast. My son wants to go to the PSG Stadium and the Eiffel Tower.

Looking for budget tips please

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My daughter says arch de triumph is much better. Eiffel Tower very busy / lots of people and she didn’t enjoy it. Just thought I would mention in case you wanted to consider that instead.

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We went by plane a couple of years ago and it was much, much cheaper than Eurostar.
It's expensive to go up the Eiffel Tower. Views are great though.

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I've just come back from Milan we went with woucher voucher 100 each 2 nights flight 4 star hotel our hotel was at end of metro line we used it to go everywhere and only ate at trattoria where local Italians eat .. in Paris as soon as you come out of station you are surrounded by pick pockets I personally don't think eiffel tower worth going up if you use metro it pops up at all stuff you want to see and at various places you get good views of everything ..make itinerary and stick to it and along the way find small French local type restaurants where they eat we used hotel safe to keep electricals passport and only took money needed for the day

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We went before lock down. From the euro star train station we walked to our hotel which wasnt far. During our stay we had booked online a few bus tours which went all around. And it came with tickets for the Eiffel tower. Another bus trip was evening time so we saw quite a lot Notra damm etc. It also have a boat trip along the river. There are metro trains which we could have used but it just nice to walk around.

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I went by train with my kids (aged 21 & 17) for environmental reasons but could have got flights for quite a bit less. We stayed in a cheap Airbnb which was ok and allowed us to save on food as we self catered for half of our meals and ate out the rest of the time. We went into central Paris to our accommodation by metro and once we’d settled in we cycled everywhere. There are cycle paths everywhere and bikes are easy to find and to rent using the app. We did a load of touristy things but drew the line at going up the Eiffel Tower as it’s busy & expensive. August is hot & most Parisians have left for their holidays. Those who are left behind tend to be grumpy and resentful!
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