I'm with boost for my electric I have the app which hasn't worked for months

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.. so it's no use to me can I change provider I'm on a smart meter (no that smart if it doesn't work).
Su Brandon

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I uninstalled and reinstalled mine. Works fine now.

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I had to re install the app , it worked then!! However I was sent new cards ,they didn't send the right ones 8 weeks later I'm still waiting for replacement ones! Customer service is absolutely shocking now!!!

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That's who I'm with the app never works for me either or the money doesn't update enough either so have yo go to the smart meter In the cupboard to see the balance I have left in gas and electricity their fab tho if I've ever ran out of credit they've topped me up x

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Have a look at utility warehouse I'm with them and really happy, "if" but I'm not sure energy companies do lock you in for a certain amount of time they will buy out your contract so you don't have to

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Our app hasn’t worked since November it’s shocking
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