Feel like I'm being charged twice the same electric!

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Looking for advice and if anyone has had this! I have smart meter and rely on that to tell my energy company my readings and pay what I owe!

June last year they ask for a electric meter reading so I sent it and they claimed I owed £400 from late the year before!

I presumed it was right and got on with my life!

Now this month they have asked again, I did it and they saying I owed a additional £700 for months last year!

I contacted them and they saying that I was only being charged for meter 1 (smart meter) and not meter2 (physical one in my house) but the readings are practically the same and surely my smart meter should be reading the other meter if you get me!

Feel like I'm being charged twice the same electric!

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Get in contact with ofgem they are really good for help out on this type of thing.

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I think they are charging you twice reading both metres.

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This is exactly why I refuse to have a smart meter. Ill stick with my old key meters less stress.

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Those smart meters are not smart at all just the company's who put them in they charge 3 times the amount of regular its ridiculous and they can't prove anything but you have to do as they say because the metre litterally goes up and up even when everything is turned off I mean how does that work suppose to help people if anything it worsened peoples lives.

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The one in your house is for information ONLY. The smart meter is the one attached to your actual meter. I've had them for gas and electric for about 6 years (British Gas). I unplugged the little "meter" that they give you that tells you how much you're using after a couple of weeks coz it was annoying me. Sounds iffy to me tbh. Not sure how you can be in debt with a smart meter either. They are meant to read exactly what you use and you should be billed accordingly. I have NEVER been asked to provide a meter reading since I had them installed

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I'm happy on the key and gas card , at least I know where I am with it and I don't care if its more expensive. Some of the bills people have received have been ridiculous prices. If I received those big bills I don't know what I would do.

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I would ask for them to look at your metre and say you want to know which one they are charging you off and u feel you are being charged wrong and keep all correspondence in case u have to go to ofgem.

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Check your bill for each month. It should have the readings on there for what you are paying for each time. I don't understand either how you have 2 meters, I would query what each 1 is for and why you have 2. Maybe in future send your own meter readings every month. Sorry I can't be of any more help. I hope you get it sorted.

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When my electric meter was changed to a smart meter they removed the old meter. I only have electric no gas. You should only have one meter per utility. If you have more than one each they need to remove the excess. Simple just explain and request removal. Don’t pay for anything other than smart meter. Also demand repayment of money paid incorrectly. Good luck I’m sure it’ll get sorted quickly xx
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