Anyone who has flown domestic within the US within the last 2-4 weeks!

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Hello! Anyone who has flown domestic within the US within the last 2-4 weeks, what has been your experience? Especially if you were flying Southwest?

I know that there has been a lot of media around *MAJOR* flight delays and cancellations, but I'm wondering if that is still going on, and what impact people are still feeling.

If we have an evening flight - one of the last out, with two connections - to get to the other side of the US, and we can change it to the next morning, is it better to just go ahead and do so?

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I would do so. Not worth the stress and risk of two connections on a cross-country flight in the evening. You might end up somewhere random overnight.

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Labor shortage will last through next year so yes, delays and cancellations continue to happen. But it's a hit or miss and no crystal ball to predict. To minimize risks, best to take the earliest flight and only carry on.

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Flew yesterday. Southwest if you have status will let you fly standby earlier but not next day. 2 connections is gonna be tough. Call the SW customer number and talk to one of their agents and see what they offer.
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