I've had a Bosch integrated washing machine since 2015

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.. it was expensive and difficult to fit as space is so limited. My downstairs is open plan so needs to be integrated even though more expensive.

Anyway, the bearings have gone (think it's that - banging and roaring when it spins).  Now is it worth having repaired with all the difficult that entails, getting it out etc, or do I just cut my losses and get a new one which the shop will install.  The other irritating thing is that the Bosch is 4mm narrower that the others which makes it marginally easier to get in the space but they are £200 more  Having integrated is nearly double the price of freestanding.

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If you are in Bicester Mr Marchetti can fix it. Mine is 13 years old . He says the older ones are easier to fix. No built in obsolescence.

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If it's just bearings get it done but be prepared to start saving for a new one as machines don't last forever and 8 years is a good run.

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I have found when items require repairing etc its like a slow death! Then starts getting costly and end up needing to replace anyways!. Personally, I would get a new one.

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My parents have a Bosch dishwasher and have had to have someone out to it this week, the guy has told them that theirs just needed servicing but the hinges are going on it and can not be replaced, he told them that Bosch no longer do dishwashers and also that most companies that make dishwashers are not doing many of the integrated ones as they are trying to phase them out.

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I had this problem with my washing machine (the bearings had gone). Ihad it fixed in one day by two technicians and it is now working perfectly 6 years later. I have it insured with total replacement if necessary,

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I had similar with an almost new integrated washing machine, when it was inspected (taking housing apart) it was only that one rear "leg" or "foot" had worked free of a small square of wood, so was uneven. Is it possible something like this is causing the awful noise? Best wishes

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I've just rid of a tumble dryer because of something similar and been repaired loads of times. Getting a condenser one.
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