My dishwasher before was an A

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Have the ratings gone down? My dishwasher before was an A but unfortunately it broke. I had a look in argos and their rates are C-G. Do they not do A rating any more?

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You can buy them still.

It's funny I noticed when I brought my. New dryer n washing manchine a few months ago.. Managed a b rating dryer and a A washing manchine but cost loads.

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I believe they've changed now. An a* is now a b, an a rating is now a c. I think it was to go inline with Europe but I could be recalling things incorrectly

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They changed the ratings to supposedly make it easier and less confusing :lol: That went well :lol: Everyone understood the old ratings, now everyone is confused.

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They changed the ratings and what it’s rated against, so now the old A+++ is now B/C. There’s not many A rated ones out there now since it changed.
It’s also to push manufacturer’s to have something energy efficient enough to be an A under the new scale.

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don`t worry about the letter, its kw per year that counts. The lower the better but this is on ecco wash if you are doing quick washes you will be paying more.

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You do get A rated, mines a B. The A rated ones were far more expensive.
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