I’m in Scotland and have Oil Central Heating. My electricity is supplied by So Energy

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.. I expected the £200 Alternative Fuel Payment from them in February, which I didn’t receive. They say I am not on the register, so won’t help and I need to apply via the Government Portal.

Although I can find information on there, there is no link for applications.

Has anyone else found a way to apply for this?

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This morning my Newsfeed is Martin Lewis explaining about exactly this, it says the only people who should have to apply for the £200, are those with no utility at all. This isn't word perfect, hope this helps. It's worth signing up to Martin Lewis e mails. I'll read a bit more when brain wakes up & come back. You could feed into search engine, say, "Martin Lewis advice £200 Alternative Fuel Payment" (I don't think article says that phrase you use, tho') Best wishes.

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Does that mean you didn't have the £400 (6 x £66/£67) over the Winter? If it isn't resolved for you, you could contact your MP (I wrote to mine, when I found out b4 Xmas that Park home dwellers hadn't got it, as they pay site owner, my MP explained at length that it was in the pipeline, even tho' he knew it didn't affect me personally) Best wishes.

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Eon won’t even tell us if we are on the register they just keep saying to be patient :arrow: . I was only asking if we were on not even for the money. It says opening early March for applying, to me that’s already happened but I guess we will just have to keep waiting for the portal to open ( that’s the link I see someone has posted ) Our whole street and postcode are oil so it seems odd we’ve been missed.

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My electric supplier is utility warehouse they sent me a email saying they would receive my £200 and deduct it from my march bill and I can claim back the remainder or leave it to use against future bills, I'm oil heating.

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Mine just came automatically (based on my post code as not on gas), however I think that my oil supplier (who has been my supplier for 25 years) was on it and kept us updated, I think that he may have given info?
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