Can anyone recommend places to bulk spices in bulk?

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I've looked at the range but £4 a tub is expensive when Costco sell some for 2.50. (limited range).

I'm in Glasgow is that makes a difference.

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Can you get iHerb?

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Go into your local supermarket an find the worldfood isle they have the larger bags.

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Local Asian or Chinese stores. Tescos sell "East End" spices and ingredients which are pretty good value.

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There’s a few cash and carry’s that do spices, I know there’s a Chinese one in Glasgow x

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I fond my local indoor market does them for good prices... if you have a Asian stall.. they do all herbs and spices... plus in normal supermarkets look on the overseas shelves. Cheaper there.

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Any of the Asian supermarkets. Super Asia has a pretty good variety.

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Look at Asian and Chinese food shops. They often sell in bags at much lower price.
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